Q4 2019 Financial Results Conference Call

Feb 27, 2020 • 2:00 pm PT


Customers now at 271,000, an increase of 24% year-over-year


Total Cash increased $106 million from the prior year


Net Earning Assets increased to $1.4 billion

For complete information regarding our financials, see our periodic filings.

Latest Annual Report

Fiscal Year Ended Dec 31, 2018

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The Residential Market Leader

Formed in 2007, Sunrun pioneered residential solar service. We have 271,000 customers and sell our solar service in 22 states, DC & Puerto Rico. We provide a superior solar energy service with fixed pricing under 20 or 25 year agreements, that generate recurring, contracted revenue for multiple decades. Sunrun has the industry’s leading customer acquisition platform, customer experience capabilities, and extensive financing experience, all of which drive significant barriers to entry and high incremental returns. Customers on average save between 10-40%1 on electricity and we have delivered more than $300 million in savings for our customers.

Why Invest

Sunrun is Led by Seasoned Professionals with Extensive Industry Experience

Our leadership team’s relentless focus on high quality service offerings, innovative culture and committed workforce is what sets us apart in America’s distributed energy revolution.

Sunrun at a Glance

Our Model

  • Providing Superior Power with Rooftop Solar & Battery Storage
  • Average Bill Savings of 10-40%1
  • Back-Up During Power Outages

Our Growth2

  • 271,000 Customers and Installing a New System Nearly Every 2 Minutes
  • Solar Service Sold in 22 States, plus DC and Puerto Rico
  • 4,400 Sunrun Employees

2018 Financial Performance

  • 29% Cumulative Customer Growth
  • Generated $63 Million of Cash3
  • $342 Million of Net Present Value Created

Sunrun Performance

10-K 2018 and Investor Presentation

Year over year company performance.

MW Deployed

Customer Value

(per customer)

Gross Earning Assets

Net Earning Assets

How Sunrun is Making an Impact

Our mission is to create a planet run by the sun. This means that everyone, from solar installers and sales people to CEO Lynn Jurich, shows up to work because they are driven by passion and purpose. Yet mission alone does not make change. At Sunrun, we feel the urgency of the public’s desire for a 100% renewable and resilient energy future. Our roofs have the potential to harness the sun’s abundant energy through solar panels, and home batteries can store that power for when it’s needed, delivering clean energy that powers our lives. A future where energy is affordable and accessible for all.

Our purpose goes beyond putting solar panels on rooftops—it extends to our internal values as well. Sunrun operates to have a positive impact on society by creating meaningful local jobs, contributing to healthier communities, and helping to build a safer, cleaner and more resilient future energy system for everyone. In doing so, we have a responsibility to minimize our environmental impact in all aspects of our operations, provide a safe and diverse place to work for our employees, and ensure robust corporate governance practices.

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Advancing the Conversation

IR Contacts


Sunrun Inc.
225 Bush Street
Suite 1400
San Francisco, CA 94104

Investor Relations

T: 415-373-5206

Sources and Notes

  1. Estimated savings measured over typically 20 year initial contract term and assumes annual utility rate increases. Actual savings may vary by customer.
  2. Customer count and Employee count as of 12/31/2018. Installation rate based on 115,000 work-day minutes divided by 2018 full-year Customer deployments.
  3. $63 million in cash generation in 2018 defined as change in consolidated total cash balance (including restricted cash) less any increases in recourse debt balances.