UPDATE - Sunrun Launches Brightbox™ Solar and Battery Storage Solution in Long Island

Battery Solution Will Give East Coast Homeowners Peace of Mind with Backup Energy to Power Through Natural Disasters

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec. 07, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunrun Inc. (Nasdaq:RUN), the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar, storage and energy services company, is pleased to announce the availability of the Sunrun BrightBox™ solar energy generation and home battery storage service to homeowners in Long Island, NY.

BrightBox™ offers homeowners in Long Island peace of mind during power outages by backing up the electricity that matters most to homeowners. In 2012, Hurricane Sandy tore into New York, leaving millions without power. Whether it’s hurricanes or other forms of natural disasters such as ice storms, blizzards or polar vortexes, power to communities on the east coast will inevitably be impacted by disruptions.

“BrightBox™ can play a critical role for homeowners who want to have electricity to power through any storm, while also supporting New York's goals to power its future with clean energy and increase the reliability of its energy grid,” said Sunrun co-founder and CEO Lynn Jurich. “Sunrun's BrightBox fits the bill for Long Island residents who want to be prepared with a reliable energy solution when the unexpected occurs. It can even become a distributed resource for New York utilities to draw on to keep the entire grid more reliable."

Last month, Sunrun traveled to Puerto Rico to install solar systems, including BrightBox, on several fire stations to provide emergency relief to residents on the island. These energy solutions are now powering critical emergency systems 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on an island where much of the population is still without power.

Using the latest solar and battery storage technology, the Sunrun BrightBox™ service has the ability to allow homeowners to save money on their energy bills by seamlessly optimizing when a home uses electricity generated directly from the home’s solar system, stored in the battery, or when the home draws energy from the grid, resulting in maximum quality control over electricity bills. This service is available in areas where utilities offer advanced time varying rates and programs.

With BrightBox™, homeowners can enjoy a customized and innovative solution with little to no money down and Sunrun will maintain, monitor and insure the system for 20 years. Systems are available through a monthly service fee or prepaid. 

BrightBox technology is already helping customers power through extreme weather in Hawaii and California. “My system had just gone live a few days before major storms were forecasted in January 2017. Everything worked better than expected—including my refrigerator and freezer, lights, both TVs, and even my burglar alarm,” says Bob Smith, one of Sunrun’s first BrightBox customers. “Luckily my power was off only a little over two hours, but I’m sure I would have easily made it through the night since I had a 100% charge.”

Sunrun is committed to sourcing and integrating the highest quality technology to ensure customers have reliable, high-performing home energy services. For more information about Sunrun BrightBox™, visit Sunrun’s plans and services page or call 1-888-GoSolar (1-888-467-6527).  

About Sunrun
Sunrun (Nasdaq:RUN) is the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar, storage and energy services company with a mission to create a planet run by the sun. Since establishing the solar as a service model in 2007, Sunrun leads the industry in providing clean energy to homeowners with little to no upfront cost and at a savings to traditional electricity. The company designs, installs, finances, insures, monitors and maintains the systems, while families receive predictable pricing for 20 years or more. The company also offers Sunrun BrightBox™ solar power generation with smart inverter technology and home battery storage. For more information, please visit: www.sunrun.com.

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