No More Dancing In The Dark: Sunrun Brings Brightbox Home Battery To New Jersey and Expands In New York

With power outages on the rise, Brightbox home battery offers households a clean and affordable backup solution

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With families across the country experiencing a rising number of power outages, the nation’s leading home solar and battery provider, Sunrun Inc. (Nasdaq: RUN), today announced it is bringing its Brightbox home solar and battery service to residents in New Jersey and expanding its offering in New York state. Sunrun’s Brightbox home battery offers residents an affordable home energy solution that provides reliable back-up electricity and the energy security that residents desire.

Starting this month, households in New Jersey and the Central Hudson Valley can get Sunrun’s solar-powered home battery, Brightbox, from as little as zero dollars down and at a consistent low monthly rate. Charged by rooftop solar power, Brightbox delivers reliable energy to households and provides approximately 10 or more hours of electricity every day, helping families power throughout blackouts.

“Americans deserve clean and reliable electricity. Home solar and batteries provide peace of mind and energy security for households when the power goes out or the next storm strikes and will form the backbone of our future energy system,” said Lynn Jurich, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sunrun.

Sunrun’s Brightbox home battery replenishes with energy generated from the sun and removes the inconvenience and uncertainty of refueling a gas or diesel-powered generator. The clean and silent Brightbox battery is a preferred alternative for many families to a traditional backup generator. 

“After Superstorm Sandy we were out of power for 13 days. We couldn’t live in the home and we lost a lot of things when our sump pump could not operate. There’s no telling when the next outage or storm will come, but I sleep easy knowing that with Brightbox, we can keep our food fresh, phones charged and our sump pump running,” said Mike Passeri, Sunrun Brightbox customer and U.S. Air Force Veteran.

Nearly 2.5 million New Jersey households were left without power during Superstorm Sandy alone and the state has suffered from more than 900 power outages over the past decade, impacting nearly 6 million residents. New York trails only to California and Texas in the number of power outages that local residents have had to endure over the past decade.

With aging electricity infrastructure at risk of increasingly common extreme weather events, blackouts are forecasted to increase nationwide. Today’s electricity grid is also increasingly vulnerable to other causes of outages, as evidenced by the roughly 40,000 people in Union County, New Jersey who were left without power after road salt compromised electrical equipment last year.

Modern technologies such as home solar and batteries offer residents the opportunity to create both a cleaner and more resilient energy system. These customer-sited energy resources are less vulnerable to power line outages and the energy generated from individual solar rooftops can be shared with the neighbourhood, providing benefit to the greater community as well as the individual home.

Sunrun started offering its Brightbox home battery to PSEG customers on Long Island in 2017. Now, Central Hudson Gas & Electric customers will be able to access back-up power through a Brightbox home battery with Sunrun.

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