Sunrun Brings Brightbox Solar Battery Service to Massachusetts

Brightbox provides clean, reliable backup power, saves money, and will be charged and ready when you need it most

SAN FRANCISCO, March 06, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Sunrun Inc, the nation’s largest dedicated residential solar, storage and energy services company, is expanding its home solar battery service to Massachusetts. Sunrun’s Brightbox solar battery service provides households with peace of mind in the event of an outage, significant cost savings, and reliable backup electricity without noise or emissions. With introductory pricing of $1,000 upfront, Brightbox will change the way Bay Staters power through the storm.

This weekend, around two million people on the East Coast were left without power due to another bomb cyclone. Hundreds of thousands of Massachusetts residents were left in the dark. While this is a major event, it is hardly an anomaly. Massachusetts ranks among the 10 states most heavily impacted by power outages caused by natural disasters. Although gas-powered generators have previously been the only option, a resilient and affordable alternative is now available for backup power during outages.

"Americans want control over their energy future," said Lynn Jurich, Sunrun Chief Executive Officer and co-founder. "Last year, Massachusetts had one of the highest outage rates in the country. Unfortunately, this number is increasing every year. Rooftop solar, together with a home battery, provides both reliable power and significant cost savings. Massachusetts has been a champion of innovative clean energy technologies, and Sunrun is delighted to bring our Brightbox home battery service to the Commonwealth. Brightbox offers Bay Staters a clean, affordable and resilient way to power their homes, even when the grid is down."

The Brightbox battery stores solar power generated during the day, which can then be utilized during grid power outages. Unlike a generator, Brightbox is recharged regularly by the sun, and consistently offers clean, affordable energy. Backup power paired with proven cost savings makes Brightbox a no-brainer for Massachusetts residents.

Brightbox replaces noisy natural gas or diesel generators commonly used for backup power. This could have significant environmental benefits in Massachusetts, which is one of the heaviest generator-using states in the U.S.

“Brightbox illustrates an energy future where Americans are offered cleaner, more resilient, and more affordable power choices,” said Jurich. “Residential solar battery systems are an integral part of the solution to a struggling and aging centralized grid.”

The Brightbox battery is easily wall mounted and can withstand extreme weather events. In fact, Sunrun’s solar battery systems were installed on fire stations in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and continue to run uninterrupted ever since -- even through continued power outages.

Sunrun is committed to sourcing and integrating the highest quality technology to ensure customers have reliable, high-performing home energy services. For more information about Sunrun Brightbox, visit Sunrun’s plans and services page or call 1-888-GoSolar (1-888-467-6527). 

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