Making an Impact

Measuring Our Impact

Our annual impact reports allow us to evaluate and understand the impacts of our business on the world around us. We see this report as a holistic resource for ourselves, our shareholders, our partners, and our customers to measure our success as a sustainability-focused business.

Vision & Values

Our mission is to confront our planet’s biggest challenge, climate change, by creating a planet run by the sun. By harnessing the sun’s abundant energy, our customers can power their home day and night. 

As Sunrunners, we promise to embody our values every day and bring them to our customers. These are the traits that motivate us to strive to be the best.



Humanity is at the core of our business; our customers, our team, and our partners are all incredible human beings.



To be on our team means to operate with absolute integrity.



Our team has boundless curiosity.



Passion is an irresistible driving force at Sunrun.



We exhibit courage and fortitude.



The work we are doing as a team will forever alter the world.

Our Impact

Our impact spans across multiple areas. Beginning with our customers saving money on their utility bills by switching to solar power, to creating quality jobs in our communities and finally, to protecting the planet for future generations.

2.3 Minutes

Sunrun installs a new solar system every 2.3 minutes, on average.


We have 285,000 customers, as of the end of Q4 2019.


Sunrun’s systems have allowed consumers to save more than $300 million on electricity bills1.


Sunrun’s systems have prevented greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions totaling 3.7 million metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e).

Making Solar Affordable and Accessible

Our business model revolves around our mission of making solar power affordable and accessible for all.

Promoting Affordable, Clean, Reliable Energy

We play an active role in supporting federal, state, and local government efforts aimed at transitioning into clean energy. These efforts promote solar energy with rebates, tax credits, and other financial incentives that enable us to lower our prices in order to catalyze the nations’ adoption of solar energy.

Increasing Access to Solar

In an effort to increase access to solar and home batteries, we seek opportunities to maximize state and local rebate programs for low-income families. We have partnered with GRID Alternatives to bring more solar to low-income families in California, the Mid-Atlantic, and the Midwest.

GRID Alternatives

GRID Alternatives (GRID) is a leader in making solar power and jobs accessible to underserved communities. By partnering with GRID, we’ve helped them reach the historic milestone of bringing solar to 10,000 families who need it most. These installations have also resulted in preventing 56,000 tons of GHG emissions.


Our Brightbox battery system provides continuous energy for your home after an outage. Brightbox also provides the unique convenience of allowing you to switch from grid power consumption to stored energy when electricity rates are especially high, resulting in considerable energy savings on electric bills.

Environmental Stewardship

At Sunrun, we see climate change as an opportunity to strengthen our role as pioneers of the new energy economy. We’re committed to combating climate change by reducing GHG emissions, modernizing energy infrastructure, and providing an affordable and reliable option for those seeking secure, clean energy to power their lives.

Climate Change and Emissions

Our business approach is both proactive and reactive to climate change: we aim to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon, climate-resilient economy, while also expanding our capacity for assessing and responding to climate risks associated with future global-warming scenarios. 

Our solar energy systems offset GHG emissions every moment that they deliver clean energy to customers, generate nearly 14 billion kilowatt-hours of clean energy during the next 30 years. This is enough to prevent the emission of nearly 10 million metric tons of CO2e (based on estimates from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency).

Environmental Management

As the largest solar provider in the United States, we make Sunrun’s environmental impact a top priority when identifying our goals and initiatives. For this reason, we aim to develop and implement an environmental policy and an environmental management system (EMS) that prioritize continual improvement, as specified by the ISO 14001 management standard.

Equipment Recycling

Equipment Recycling

As equipment providers, we bear the responsibility of identifying an end-of-life procedure for our systems. Therefore, we are integrating product end-of-life considerations into our EMS and are preparing to decommission, recycle, resell, or redeploy our energy systems.



We believe in leading by example and that begins by building and operating facilities that maintain a high level of environmental efficiency. We are proud that our two largest corporate facilities (San Francisco and Denver) are both LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified, while another corporate facility in Scottsdale is BOMA (Building Owner and Manager Association) certified.

Vehicle Fleet

Vehicle Fleet

Prior to 2018, only 9% of the vehicles in our fleet were hybrids, we aim to grow this number to 47% by early 2019. Our transition to hybrids will lead to a number of benefits including reduced emissions of ozone-depleting substances and GHGs, improved vehicle longevity, and fuel cost savings.

Vendor Sustainability

Our efforts to create a better, greener and kinder planet also extends to the vendors we choose to work with – we identify and work with vendors that share our commitment. In January 2019, we adopted our first Vendor Code of Conduct that includes policies on environmental protection, sustainability and responsible mineral sourcing.

Living Our Values

We make it a top priority to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, customers and local communities. Our values include:

  • Creating a culture of safety with the company
  • Providing comprehensive safety training and certification programs
  • Adhering to verification and compliance standards
  • Implementing and maintaining new safety initiatives
  • Encouraging worker participation in health and safety discussions
  • Evaluating the health and environmental hazards of new products to ensure they’re safe
  • Maintaining a safety record that showcases a safe and injury-free workplace
  • Ensure our vendors’ values align with ours

Corporate Governance

At Sunrun, we’re committed to achieving and maintaining a best-in-class corporate governance structure. In order to create value for customers and build relationships based on trust, we expect all employees to act according to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct detailed in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. 

View Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Sources and Notes

  1. Based on Sunrun’s monthly and prepaid lease customers using (i) estimated pre-solar utility bills minus (ii) estimated post-solar utility bills and any annualized payments to Sunrun through December 31, 2018.